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5um Activated Carbon HEPA Syringe Filters

Hawach FILTSTAR series 5um, 50mm activated carbon syringe filters made from acid washed, high-purity activated carbon makes it with high-efficiency and can be HEPA syringe filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air).
Pore Size: 5.0μm
Diameter: 50mm
Housing: PP
Filtration Area: 19.8cm2

Description of Activated Carbon HEPA Syringe Filter

Available in 50 mm diameters with activated carbon of membranes, Hawach 5um syringe filter is ideal for sterilizing organic solvents, aqueous solutions or air/gas. 50mm syringe filter are produced in a controlled, automated environment with the highest quality standards.

HEPA syringe filters are manufactured according to ISO9001 certified quality management system. We also passed CE, COA, and many other certifications. Same as PVDF syringe filter, activated carbon HEPA syringe filter is suitable for both sterile and no-sterile.

Features of Activated Carbon HEPA Syringe Filter
1. 5um syringe filter
2. 100% optical integrity tested
3. Superior flow rate
4. Easy to use
5. The Luer slip makes secures connections & avoid blow off
6. High throughput filtration
7. HEPA syringe filters have wide range of removal ratings and filter media
8. Hydrophobic syringe filter inner diameter: 50 mm, out diameter: 60 mm
Advantages of 50mm syringe filter
1. ISO9001, CE double approved, test report available
2. High-efficiency particulate air
3. Ultra inertness and high durability
4. Acid washed, high-purity activated carbon
5. Ultrasonic welding ensures no contaminant to samples
6. The special stepped barb design have important in connect with hose pipe
7. Tailored to a variety of applications based on membrane type, housing, and validation rating
8. In the laboratory for removing oxide, a coloring substance, and organic impurity from fluid.

Applications of 5um syringe filter 50mm

1. Small scale gas or air filtration or from small culture and reaction vessels.
2. Used for the ultra cleaning of small volumes of HPLC solvents to increase the useful life of columns.
3. Adsorption of chlorine, organic vapors, and decolorizing liquids, also can adsorption several heavy metals.
Technical Data
Filter Media Activated Carbon Syring Filter
Pore Size 5.0μm
Diameter 50mm
Housing PP
Filtration Area 19.8cm2
Maximum Operating Pressure 5.2bar
Process Volume 5000mL
Hold-up Volume <350uL
Inlet Stepped barb
Outlet Stepped barb
Maximum Operating Temperature 60°C
Instruction Drawing
syringe filters analysis chart
Ordering Information
Item Code Pore Size(μm) Diameter(mm) Sterile Quantity/pk
SLAC5050N 5 50 No 25pcs
SLAC5050S 5 50 Yes 25pcs