0.1 um CA syringe filters
0.22 um CA syringe filters
0.45 um CA syringe filters
CA syringe filters

Cellulose Acetate Syringe Filters

Diameter: 4mm, 13mm, 25mm, 33mm, 50mm
Pore Size: 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.8μm, 1.0μm, 3.0μm, 5.0μm
Housing: Medical PP

Description of Micron CA Syringe Filters

Hawach FILTSTAR series CA syringe filters adopt hydrophilic CA membrane imported from Germany, the US, with very low protein binding capacity, which makes it an excellent choice for protein recovery applications. 4mm syringe filter is a hot sale product and suitable for very small volume samples. 13mm, 25mm, 33mm units process volume is divide for 10ml, 100ml, 200ml. 25mm syringe filter to allow filtration of up to 5000ml. All of them are available in a sterile and non-sterile package. Same as hydrophobic PTFE syringe filters, CA syringe filters have five types of diameter are available to satisfy most requirements.

The CA 4mm syringe filter is the same as the HEPA syringe filter, both are transparent and use imported membrane. Hawach provides one-stop purchase and a complete portfolio of filtration solutions. Buy micron filter syringe, please contact us.
CA syringe filters are suitable for filtering aqueous solutions. Cellulose acetate combines high flow rate, thermal stability, and low absorption. Especially the 0.22 micron cellulose acetate syringe filter is completely suitable for the filtration of aqueous solutions and other liquid materials.

Features of CA Syringe Filters

1. Syringe membrane filter is made of Hydrophilic CA membrane
2. Limited solvent resistance
3. Standard inlet and outlet Luer connectors
4. Extremely low protein binding capacity and extractable
5. Biggest effective filtration area (EFD) of 15.8 cm2, and process volume is 5000mL

Advantages of Syringe Membrane Filter

1. 4mm CA syringe filter have chemically compatible with a range of samples
2. Withstand higher operating pressures
3. Minimal hold-up volume
4. Faster flow rates for easier sample filtration
5. Available pre-filters produce lower back pressure
6. Solvents to minimize leaching of extractable impurities

Applications of Buy Micron Filter Syringe

1. Salt solutions
2. Buffer solutions
3. Biological sample preparation
4. Sterile filtration of low volume samples
5. Nitrate free, suitable for groundwater filtration
6. Hydrophilic 4mm syringe filters, suitable for aqueous solution treatment
7. HPLC samples containing low solid content-filtration will improve column life
Technical Data of CA membrane Syringe Filter
Filter Media Cellulose Acetate
Diameter 4mm 13mm 25mm 33mm 50mm
Housing Medical PP Medical PP Medical PP Medical PP Medical PP
Pore Size 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.8μm, 1.0μm, 3.0μm, 5.0μm
Filtration Area 0.2cm2 1.3cm2 4.9cm2 8.5cm2 19.8cm2
Maximum Pressure 5.2bar 5.2bar 5.2bar 5.2bar 5.2bar
Process Volume 2mL 10mL 100mL 200mL 5000mL
Pre-filter 1μm GF or PP 1μm GF or PP 1μm GF or PP 1μm GF or PP 1μm GF or PP
Hold-up Volume < 10μL < 50μL < 100μL < 200μL < 350μL
Inlet Female Luer Lock Female Luer Lock Female Luer Lock Female Luer Lock Stepped barb
Outlet Male luer slip Male luer slip Male luer slip Male luer slip Stepped barb
Operate temperature 60°C

Instruction Drawing
syringe filters analysis chart
Ordering Information
Item Code Pore Size(μm) Diameter(mm) Sterile Pre-filter Quantity/pk
SLCA0410N 0.10 4 No No 100pcs
SLCA0422N 0.22 4 No No 100pcs
SLCA0445N 0.45 4 No No 100pcs
SLCA0480N 0.80 4 No No 100pcs
SLCA04100N 1.0 4 No No 100pcs
SLCA04300N 3.0 4 No No 100pcs
SLCA04500N 5.0 4 No No 100pcs
SLCA1310N 0.10 13 No No 100pcs
SLCA1322N 0.22 13 No No 100pcs
SLCA1345N 0.45 13 No No 100pcs
SLCA1380N 0.80 13 No No 100pcs
SLCA13100N 1.0 13 No No 100pcs
SLCA13300N 3.0 13 No No 100pcs
SLCA13500N 5.0 13 No No 100pcs
SLCA1310NP 0.10 13 No PP 100pcs
SLCA1322NP 0.22 13 No PP 100pcs
SLCA1345NP 0.45 13 No PP 100pcs
SLCA1380NP 0.80 13 No PP 100pcs
SLCA13100NP 1.0 13 No PP 100pcs
SLCA13300NP 3.0 13 No PP 100pcs
SLCA13500NP 5.0 13 No PP 100pcs
SLCA1310NG 0.10 13 No GF 100pcs
SLCA1322NG 0.22 13 No GF 100pcs
SLCA1345NG 0.45 13 No GF 100pcs
SLCA1380NG 0.80 13 No GF 100pcs
SLCA13100NG 1.0 13 No GF 100pcs
SLCA13300NG 3.0 13 No GF 100pcs
SLCA13500NG 5.0 13 No GF 100pcs
SLCA2510N 0.10 25 No No 100pcs
SLCA2522N 0.22 25 No No 100pcs
SLCA2545N 0.45 25 No No 100pcs
SLCA2580N 0.80 25 No No 100pcs
SLCA25100N 1.0 25 No No 100pcs
SLCA25300N 3.0 25 No No 100pcs
SLCA25500N 5.0 25 No No 100pcs
SLCA2510NP 0.10 25 No PP 100pcs
SLCA2522NP 0.22 25 No PP 100pcs
SLCA2545NP 0.45 25 No PP 100pcs
SLCA2580NP 0.80 25 No PP 100pcs
SLCA25100NP 1.0 25 No PP 100pcs
SLCA25300NP 3.0 25 No PP 100pcs
SLCA25500NP 5.0 25 No PP 100pcs
SLCA2510NG 0.10 25 No GF 100pcs
SLCA2522NG 0.22 25 No GF 100pcs
SLCA2545NG 0.45 25 No GF 100pcs
SLCA2580NG 0.80 25 No GF 100pcs
SLCA25100NG 1.0 25 No GF 100pcs
SLCA25300NG 3.0 25 No GF 100pcs
SLCA25500NG 5.0 25 No GF 100pcs
SLCA3310N 0.10 33 No No 50pcs
SLCA3322N 0.22 33 No No 50pcs
SLCA3345N 0.45 33 No No 50pcs
SLCA3380N 0.80 33 No No 50pcs
SLCA33100N 1.0 33 No No 50pcs
SLCA33300N 3.0 33 No No 50pcs
SLCA33500N 5.0 33 No No 50pcs
SLCA3310NP 0.10 33 No PP 50pcs
SLCA3322NP 0.22 33 No PP 50pcs
SLCA3345NP 0.45 33 No PP 50pcs
SLCA3380NP 0.80 33 No PP 50pcs
SLCA33100NP 1.0 33 No PP 50pcs
SLCA33300NP 3.0 33 No PP 50pcs
SLCA33500NP 5.0 33 No PP 50pcs
SLCA3310NG 0.10 33 No GF 50pcs
SLCA3322NG 0.22 33 No GF 50pcs
SLCA3345NG 0.45 33 No GF 50pcs
SLCA3380NG 0.80 33 No GF 50pcs
SLCA33100NG 1.0 33 No GF 50pcs
SLCA33300NG 3.0 33 No GF 50pcs
SLCA33500NG 5.0 33 No GF 50pcs
SLCA5010N 0.10 50 No No 25pcs
SLCA5022N 0.22 50 No No 25pcs
SLCA5045N 0.45 50 No No 25pcs
SLCA5080N 0.80 50 No No 25pcs
SLCA50100N 1.0 50 No No 25pcs
SLCA50300N 3.0 50 No No 25pcs
SLCA50500N 5.0 50 No No 25pcs
SLCA5010NP 0.10 50 No PP 25pcs
SLCA5022NP 0.22 50 No PP 25pcs
SLCA5045NP 0.45 50 No PP 25pcs
SLCA5080NP 0.80 50 No PP 25pcs
SLCA50100NP 1.0 50 No PP 25pcs
SLCA50300NP 3.0 50 No PP 25pcs
SLCA50500NP 5.0 50 No PP 25pcs
SLCA5010NG 0.10 50 No GF 25pcs
SLCA5022NG 0.22 50 No GF 25pcs
SLCA5045NG 0.45 50 No GF 25pcs
SLCA5080NG 0.80 50 No GF 25pcs
SLCA50100NG 1.0 50 No GF 25pcs
SLCA50300NG 3.0 50 No GF 25pcs
SLCA50500NG 5.0 50 No GF 25pcs