0.1 um PP syringe filters
0.22 um PP syringe filters
0.45 um PP syringe filters
China PP syringe filters

PP Membrane Syringe Filters

Filter Media: Hydrophobic PP
Diameter: 4mm, 13mm, 25mm, 33mm, 50mm
Housing: Medical PP
Pore Size: 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.65μm, 0.8μm, 1μm, 3μm, 5μm, 10μm

Filtstar series PP syringe filters are slightly hydrophobic and can be used as not only pre-filter but also terminal filter. These syringe filters are suitable for organic solvents but cannot be used in strong organic solvents, especially aromatic and chlorinated solvents.
PP membrane syringe filter is suitable for high-performance liquid chromatography sample filtration, gas separation, and Ion exchange chromatography sample filtration. Also, PP syringe filters could effectively bind proteins, DNA, and RNA. Moreover, PP syringe filters could meet the requirement of the filtration of aqueous and organic solutions. It could also be applied in the production of photoresist materials.
The diameter of the filter ranges from 4mm to 50mm, of which 25mm syringe filters are the most widely used.

Features of PP Syringe Filters

•Hydrophobic microporous membrane syringe filter
•Good pre-filtration syringe filters
•Stable physical and chemical properties
•Large capacity for dirt and pollutants
•Without any additives in the whole process of production
•Wide range of pore sizes with high porosity provided for selection
•Highly resistant to pressure and tolerant with the high-temperature sterilization
•Good chemical stability and good chemical compatibility in both aqueous and alcoholic solutions
•Membrane material for deep filtration, which uses food-grade isotactic polypropylene as a raw material

Advantages of PP Syringe Filters

•Eliminates loss of sample and time
•Comprehensive pore size from 0.1μm to 10μm
•Ideal for autosampler vials and NMR tubes

Applications of 22mm, 45mm PP Syringe Filters

•Ion chromatography
•Inorganic ion analysis
•Aromatic and chlorinated solvents
•Aqueous or organic solvent filtration
•Incompatible with Hexane, benzene, limited resistance to dichloromethane and chloroform
•Same as hydrophobic PTFE syringe filters, 25mm PP syringe filters is ideal for HPLC sample preparation
Technical Data
Filter Media PP
Diameter 4mm 13mm 25mm 33mm 50mm
Housing Medical PP Medical PP Medical PP Medical PP Medical PP
Pore Size 0.1μm, 0.22μm, 0.45μm, 0.65μm, 0.8μm, 1μm, 3μm, 5μm, 10μm
Filtration Area 0.2cm2 1.3cm2 4.9cm2 8.5cm2 19.8cm2
Maximum Pressure 5.2bar 5.2bar 5.2bar 5.2bar 5.2bar
Process Volume 2mL 10mL 100mL 200mL 5000mL
Pre-filter 1μm GF or PP 1μm GF or PP 1μm GF or PP 1μm GF or PP 1μm GF or PP
Hold-up Volume < 10μL < 50μL < 100μL < 200μL < 350μL
Inlet Female Luer Lock Female Luer Lock Female Luer Lock Female Luer Lock Stepped barb
Outlet Male luer slip Male luer slip Male luer slip Male luer slip Stepped barb
Operate temperature 60°C
Instruction Drawing
syringe filters analysis chart
Ordering Information
Item Code Pore Size(μm) Diameter(mm) Sterile Pre-filter Quantity/pk
SLPP0410N 0.10 4 No No 100pcs
SLPP0422N 0.22 4 No No 100pcs
SLPP0445N 0.45 4 No No 100pcs
SLPP04100N 1.0 4 No No 100pcs
SLPP04300N 3.0 4 No No 100pcs
SLPP04500N 5.0 4 No No 100pcs
SLPP1310N 0.10 13 No No 100pcs
SLPP1322N 0.22 13 No No 100pcs
SLPP1345N 0.45 13 No No 100pcs
SLPP13100N 1.0 13 No No 100pcs
SLPP13300N 3.0 13 No No 100pcs
SLPP13500N 5.0 13 No No 100pcs
SLPP2510N 0.10 25 No No 100pcs
SLPP2522N 0.22 25 No No 100pcs
SLPP2545N 0.45 25 No No 100pcs
SLPP25100N 1.0 25 No No 100pcs
SLPP25300N 3.0 25 No No 100pcs
SLPP25500N 5.0 25 No No 100pcs
SLPP3310N 0.10 33 No No 50pcs
SLPP3322N 0.22 33 No No 50pcs
SLPP3345N 0.45 33 No No 50pcs
SLPP33100N 1.0 33 No No 50pcs
SLPP33300N 3.0 33 No No 50pcs
SLPP33500N 5.0 33 No No 50pcs
SLPP5010N 0.10 50 No No 25pcs
SLPP5022N 0.22 50 No No 25pcs
SLPP5045N 0.45 50 No No 25pcs
SLPP50100N 1.0 50 No No 25pcs
SLPP50300N 3.0 50 No No 25pcs
SLPP50500N 5.0 50 No No 25pcs