Syringe Filters Used For Medical

1. Application in the field of medicine and health

The application of microporous membrane filtration technology in the pharmaceutical industry is mainly reflected in the filtration of medicinal water (including purified water and water for injection), the fine filtration and terminal sterilization filtration of large infusions, small injections and eye drops, and the filtration of blood. Filtration, clarification and filtration of Chinese herbal medicine liquid and post-fermentation liquid, matching of disposable infusion set, filtration of air and steam, etc.

2. Application of microporous membrane in medical devices

With the continuous expansion of the application field of microporous membranes, the medical device industry is also using a large number of microporous membranes for various separations and purifications, such as biological filters, hemodialysis sensors, infusion precision filters, and special filtration for tumor chemotherapy. filter, filter for traditional Chinese medicine, filter for postoperative analgesia and anesthesia, filter for pump, filter for anesthesia needle, etc.

3. Infusion reactions

The results of the study confirmed that the clinical reaction caused by the infusion was due to the insoluble particles that were harmful to humans to varying degrees while the drug was infused into the blood vessels. Between 1 and 50 μm, invisible to the naked eye, will move after entering the human blood vessels, and harmful particles that cannot be metabolized in the body will cause acute, subacute or chronic infusion contamination diseases.

4. Source of particulates

According to relevant reports and experiments, the contamination of particles in medicinal liquids comes from many aspects, and many links such as product production, circulation, clinical operation, environment, and medicinal liquid placement may cause pollution. After repeated experiments, it has been observed that: in the most The particles still increase under strict specifications. How to prevent the particles from causing harm to the human body? Only before the liquid medicine enters the blood vessels, a checkpoint is designed to block the harmful particles in the liquid medicine. A microporous green filter is required.