0.45um Hydrophilic PTFE Syringe Filters Can Effectively Filter

Hawach adheres to the "zero defect" and "zero complaint" management model with internationally renowned cooperation and is committed to producing high-end products that reach the international level. 0.45um hydrophilic PTFE syringe filters all use high-quality microporous membranes, which have low sample adsorption and ensure maximum recovery of small or high-value samples. The housing of the 0.45um syringe filter adopts high-density polyethylene material with low dissolution and good chemical compatibility. PTFE filter are welded by ultrasonic, without any glue or sealant, and will not contaminate the sample.

0.45um syringe filter which is also called a wheel filter because of its wheel-like shape is a disposable membrane based cartridge filter. Widely used in labs for quick and efficient filtering, material purification, and sterilization for solutions <250mL, it can be attached with a syringe and remove impurities in liquid solutions. Instead of setups of Buchner filters or similar, it’s important using a hydrophilic syringe filter as the pre-filtration step, to prevent damage to instruments, such as liquid chromatography and ICP.

Hydrophilic PTFE Syringe Filters

Based on the end application, either a sterile or non-sterile 0.45um syringe filter will be selected to remove particulates from a liquid sample. Sterile PTFE syringe filters are a good tool to sterilize non-sterile solutions or clarify sterile solutions, while the non-sterile PTFE syringe filters are used for common filtration and purification as well.

You can draw the sample into the 0.45um syringe filter if you select the right hydrophilic syringe filter for your application. After you feel that the filter is attached to the syringe end tightly, you can hold the syringe with the filter pointing right side up and pushing a few drops of the sample out through on the top. Then, you can place the filter tip over the container, push gently, and let the sample go through a PTFE syringe filter.

With the industry-leading hydrophilic syringe filter, Hawach always combines innovative internal and external membrane development to help you create the best filtration in the lab.

Choosing the right 0.45um syringe filter is the key to help the scientists get reliable testing results and best purification. We should pay attention to the membrane diameters, materials, pore size, and housing as well. And you need to make sure whether your application requires pre-filtration, and choose a suitable membrane type depending on the different solution characters.

Hawach offers an extensive selection of reliable products to help you filtering your valuable samples in a wide selection of hydrophilic syringe filters with different membrane materials, diameters. Available in both sterile and non-sterile types, Hawach hydrophilic syringe filters always offer you the perfect micro-filtration for applications in the fields of HPLC, water treatment, environmental, biotechnology, beverages, food, and others.

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