A Better Syringe Filter Protect the Column Life Time Longer

Nowadays customers are now more concerned with the quality of the filter, especially the extractable level of the filter media. A low backgrounding and super clean filter media with no or extremely low HPLC extractables can keep the experiment without unwanted column peak.

In Hawach Scientific, we used super clean membrane filter with medical grade PP filter housing as filter material, all production were accomplished in 100,000 grade clean room to make sure its super clean environment.

Three Series available as below:
WINSTAR: OEM Filters, Color code; Economic Series; fit every market
FILTSTAR: OEM Filters, Clear color without Color code; Standard Series; Full range of filter size and filter media
PURSTAR: OEM Ffilters, Clear Color without Color code; Only for bulk production

All of Hawach filter series with extremely low HPLC extractables and the filters without complaint within five years.

For any more questions or finding more detailed information for the better filters, please contact us at info@hawach.com