A Brief Introduction and Usage of Syringe Filter

Syringe filter is made of transparent grade polymer material polypropylene (PP), which is used together with a disposable syringe.

It is a fast, convenient and reliable small volume sample filtration treatment device used in the laboratory. It is mainly used for pre-filtration of samples, sterilization filtration of laboratory biological fluids, media and media additives.

0.45 Activated Carbon Syringe FiltersWinstar Series Hydrophilic PVDF Syringe FiltersSterile PVDF Syringe Filters

Syringe filter is aesthetically designed and high cleanliness, as it does not require membrane change and cleaning filters, eliminating complicated and time-consuming preparations.

It is the preferred method for filtering small samples of HPLC and GC, and is often used in conjunction with disposable syringes. The filtration diameter is 4 mm to 50 mm, and the treatment amount is from 0.5 ml to 200 ml.


There are many usages and the main usages can be summarized in the following:
1.Removal of protein precipitates and dissolution assay
2.Beverage food testing analysis and biofuel analysis
3.Sample preparation
4.Environmental monitoring and analysis
5.Analysis of pharmaceutical and original liquid products
6.Liquid chromatography sample preparation and specific QC Analysis
7.Air filtration and fluid detection