Hawach Advanced Syringe Filters and Sterile Syringe Filters

Throughout entire syringe filters production process, Hawach always maintains the strictest levels of quality control. You will find Hawach syringe filters will never leak sample solvent, due to its medical-grade pure polypropylene housing welded with high quality membrane. Hawach have three series of syringe filters: the advanced syringe filters, the disposable syringe filters, and the sterile syringe filters.

Hawach offers syringe filters with a wide variety of membranes and pore sizes, the syringe filters will help you get the high flow rates and maximum sample loading capacities. The full visual control is available as all the Hawach filters have transparent housings.and the different colors code our disposable syringe filters for easy identification, which can make your job easier. Now,Hawach mainly introduce the advanced syringe filters and the sterile syringe filters.

As we all know, before column chromatography, using the advanced syringe filters is the fastest and simplest method for small volume filtration.

Many of the advanced syringe filters are compatible with all sorts of aqueous solution, solvent and chemical reagent. Also, the advanced syringe filters have the advantages of fast filtering speed, high purity and very suitable for analysis and operation of standard substance.

Meanwhile, the advanced syringe filters are not only suitable for gas filtration, but also can be applied for the filtration of corrosive solution without producing any extract.

Nylon Syringe FiltersSterile Nylon Syringe FiltersNylon Syringe Filters

Moreover, filtration sterilization is the fastest way to remove bacteria from the liquid and will cause the least effects to the solution composition. Normally, the advanced syringe filters can provide the aperture range from 0.1 μm to 5 μm. Also, the products have the features of high flow rate and low adsorption rate, and the effective filtration area can reach 6.2 c㎡.

In general, the advanced syringe filters are one of the products with the largest filtration yield and the fastest filtration speed. At the same time, most of the products can be sterilized through ethylene oxide or gamma radiation.

Clarification application of sterile syringe filter

Sterile syringe filter does not need to change mold and clean filter, which greatly saves complex and time-consuming preparation work, and is suitable for sample pre-filtration, clarification, sterilization filtration and other applications.

The sterile syringe filter is frequently used in conjunction with a disposable syringe, which has become a fast and convenient filter processing device for small volume samples with various filter diameter such as 4mm, 13 mm, 25mm, 33mm and 50 mm. Moreover, the sterile syringe filter can make full use of the pressure difference provided by the vacuum pump to handle different samples.

Property differentiation of various materials

Hawach sterile syringe filters of different materials have the properties of phase differentiation, the mixed fiber membrane has good hydrophilicity, strong chemical compatibility, low protein absorption and adsorption, and is suitable for sterilization filtration of medium and containing protein preparations; in contrast, nylon membrane also has better chemical compatibility and can be used for sterilization and filtration of biological products, culture medium and solution under the condition of pH value 1-12.

Furthermore, the low protein adsorption, high flow rate and a wide range of pH values of sterile syringe filter make it suitable for pre-filtration and clarification of buffer solution, liquid culture medium.