Advantages and Differences of Syringe Filter

Syringe filter is more and more famous in many kinds of experiments. It is generally used in HPLC sample preparation, routine QC analysis, content uniformity, removal of protein precipitates, dissolution testing, food analysis, environmental samples and so on.

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Advantages of Syringe Filter:

In order to meet different needs, manufacturers need to ensure the compatibility of their products. And for maximizing sample recovery, its housings are specifically designed.

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Differences of Syringe Filter:

However, what are the differences between different syringe filter ? Different filtration medium, different application. Look at the following examples.

Syringe filters using MCE filtration medium are used in gas or oil particulate and bacteria filtration. Syringe filter using Nylon filtration medium are usually used in chemicals and beverage filtration. While those using PVDF filtration medium are usually used in vapor and high-temperature filtration.

Anyway, syringe filter plays an essential role in many kinds of experiments. However, it is more important to know something about it when you need to choose one. Knowing more means yielding twice the result with half the effort.

Disposable syringe filters are fast, convenient, and reliable filtering tools routinely used in laboratories. They are beautiful, lightweight, and clean. They are mainly used for sample pre-filtration, clarification, particle removal, and liquid and gas sterilization filtration. It is a method for filtering small samples of HPLC and GC. It can be divided into sterilization and non-sterilization according to sterilization method.

Disposable sterilized syringe filters have a diameter of 13mm and 30mm, and the processing capacity ranges from 0.5ml to 200ml. No heat source, γ-ray sterilization, no yellowing, visible quality! Sterile syringe filter is a fast, convenient and reliable filter processing device for small volume samples routinely used in laboratories. It is mainly used in the sterilization and filtration of laboratory biological fluids, culture media and media additives.

The housing of the syringe filter is made of polycarbonate plastic, and the upper and lower parts are integrated by ultrasonic welding. The Disposable PTFE syringe filters syringe filter contains a hydrophobic PTFE membrane, which is an effective filter for solvents, chemicals and other non-aqueous solutions. The Teflon membrane and the sturdy polypropylene casing are particularly suitable for filtering corrosive chemicals. The material of the filter shell is made of hygienic polypropylene.

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Structure of disposable syringe filters

1. The product structure design is precise, which guarantees the smoothness of the filtration, the rationalization of the internal space, the residual rate is very low, only half of other products on the market, which reduces the waste of samples.

2. One of the shortcomings of the traditional filter is that it is easy to burst. This product is specially designed to withstand a burst pressure of up to 7bar.

3. The edge part of the filter is provided with thread, which plays a non-slip effect, and the humanized design makes the operator handy.

4. Cooperate with international advanced filter membrane manufacturers, the filter membrane pore size will provide protection for your instrument and chromatography column.

5. Stable filter membrane quality and zero difference between batches ensure the consistency of analysis results.

6. Standard luer interface with lock, tighter connection.

Features of disposable syringe filters

1. 6 types of membranes for sterilized syringe filters: MCE, NYLON66, PVDF, PES, PTFE, CA.

2. Sterile syringe filter is available in 3 diameter specifications: 13mm, 25mm and 33mm.

3. Membrane pore size specification: 0.22μm, 0.45μm.

4. Fast and easy to use, the medium falls off within the limit.

5. Gamma ray disinfection and sterilization.

6. No heat source.

7. Easy-to-rip stickers individually packaged individually.

8. Unique white and easy to open outer box design, not easy to pollute.

9. Sterile syringe filter Each package has a batch number for easy tracking.