Advantages And Differences Of Syringe Filter

Syringe filter is more and more famous in many kinds of experiments. It is generally used in HPLC sample preparation, routine QC analysis, content uniformity, removal of protein precipitates, dissolution testing, food analysis, environmental samples and so on.


In order to meet different needs, manufacturers need to ensure the compatibility of their products. And for maximizing sample recovery, its housings are specifically designed.

Filtstar Series Hydrophobic PTFE Syringe FiltersWinstar Series PES Syringe FiltersSterile Nylon Syringe Filters


However, what are the differences between different Syringe filter? Different filtration medium, different application. Look at the following examples.

Syringe filters using MCE filtration medium are used in gas or oil particulate and bacteria filtration. Syringe filter using Nylon filtration medium are usually used in chemicals and beverage filtration. While those using PVDF filtration medium are usually used in vapor and high-temperature filtration.

Anyway, syringe filter plays an essential role in many kinds of experiments. However, it is more important to know something about it when you need to choose one. Knowing more means yielding twice the result with half the effort.