Categories Of Syringe Filter In Hawach

According to the given principles of Hawach, there are three general sorts of syringe filter products specially designed for different customers' requirements.


With a high class, transparent color and imported membrane, the FILTSTAR is obviously distinguished with three standards, one of which is whether the filter has pre-filtration(for the PP or GF), the other is the sterilization method, and the rest depends on membrane materials(Active Carbon/ Nylon/ PTFE/ PTFE L/ PES/PVDF/ MCE/ CA/ GF/ PP).


This one is manufactured with lower classification, colored ring and domestic membranes. However, compared with the FILSTSR, it merely possesses non-sterile products and less membrane materials(Nylon/ PTFE/ PTFE L/ PES/PVDF ).


It is high classified, designed with transparent color and the same membrane as Millipore, but PUSTAR still has less materials in the membrane as Nylon, PTFE, PTFE-L L and PVDF are recorded.

In addition, the usage range of different membranes seems to be worth mention. The table below specifically demonstrates various applications.

Membrane Of Syringe Filter
Gas Filtration/Sterile Ventilation Liquid Filtration
Active Solution Hydrophobic PTFE Hydrophobic PVDF Aqueous Solution Mixed Solvent Organic Solvent