Cleaning And Disinfection Of Syringe Filter

Cleaning of Syringe Filter

Distilled water is firstly pumped repeatedly with a needle tube, followed by ultrasonic for about 20 minutes, then soaked in distilled water for more than 5 hours, then removed and dried at about 40 degrees. Don't bake the gaskets, just let them dry naturally.

The cleaning and disinfection of the syringe filter after use is the same as that of other high-pressure plastics, but polyethylene cannot be high-pressure.

A. The water is washed ten times and dried. The oven temperature is usually set at 56 degrees because EDAT is often needed to be dissolved; B.1% hydrochloric acid is soaked overnight; C. Water is repeatedly washed 10 times and then distilled water is washed twice.

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Disinfection of Syringe Filter

Soak the filter membrane in three steamed water for at least half an hour at high pressure. In addition, do not tighten the syringe filters when installing. The syringe filters film has both sides, smooth face down, rough face up, so that the syringe filters will save effort. Good for immediate use after high pressure. Filter film is good do not want secondary high pressure. The syringe filters film is generally put in two layers. I think it's safer.

The filter film is generally put in two layers. The upper membrane was 0.4 micron, the lower 0.22 micron, and the two layers were 0.22 micron. Put the syringe filters into the syringe filter after soaking for 10~20 minutes. After it is packed, wrap the syringe filters in a cloth and sterilize it. Note that the membrane should be perpendicular to the ground, so that it will not break even at high pressure.

The syringe filters should be soaked in distilled water for more than 3 hours or overnight, and then placed on the syringe filters screen, smooth face up. When you twist the syringe filters, you can just twist the airtight.

If you cannot tighten the syringe filters, lift the vent switch and wrap the outlet with sulphate paper. Wrap the strainer in kraft paper. The syringe filters should be tightened when using, but the force should be evenly applied. Soak in dilute hydrochloric acid for about an hour.

After the tap water is rinsed, soak in the double steam water overnight. After drying, moisten the syringe filters film face up, then stick it on and twist the double steam water, but do not tighten it too tightly. Fetch, then dry, it's ready to use. Note that if the needle filter is not used up at one time, do not disinfect it twice to prevent the filter membrane from breaking. Clean and disinfect syringe filters.