Corresponding Test Reports and Qualification Certificates of Syringe Filter

Multi-function syringe filter is convenient to use for its ingenious structure design. It greatly simplifies the experimental operation steps, improves the work efficiency, and can fully meet the needs of customer sample pretreatment work. All products of syringe filter provided by Hawach have corresponding test reports and qualification certificates. Mainly include the following ones.

●Filter IC test data report of hydrophilic PTFE
●ICP-MS Test results to a special style of Filstar series with 25mm PES
●Detection results of heavy metal impurities about Hydrophilic PVDF and Purstar hydrophilic PVDF
●Chemical compatibility of membranes and housing
●Official testing certification of Filter
●Test report of sterilization filter: The test report of the sterilization filter is mainly for the sterilization filter, which is mainly used to explain that the sterilization degree of the sterilization filter is high, and it will not affect the sterilization experiment, that is, it will not introduce other impurity bacteria into the customer experiment
●Chemical compatibility table for filters, membranes: Compatibility refers to whether the solvent used by the customer dissolves the filter/membrane during the filtration process, thus introducing impurities into the customer sample.
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