Details On Syringe Filter

Syringe filter designed by Hawach Scientific overcomes many defects of current syringe filter, it provides with low extractable and particle shedding, handy and really available, easy operation, economical and disposable, it can be available in non-sterile and sterile condition.

Therefore, those improved properties endow it wide applications, such as sample filtration, liquid sterilized filtration or clarification, particle removal filtration, gas sterilized filtration, and even general sterile filtration of gases and air.

Filtstar Series PVDF Syringe FiltersSterile Nylon Syringe FiltersWinstar Series Hydrophobic PTFE Syringe Filters

Details on Syringe Filter

Hawach syringe filter is an update on original design. In keeping with its tradition on innovation, Hawach is committed to improve classic design to offer higher performance and quality. Hawach provides high quality syringe filters with color coding for quick and easy identification, and develops wide selection of syringe filters which helps customers to filtrate bigger particles and allows filtering more than average filter.

Hawach syringe filter are available with many different membrane including Nylon, PTFE, PES, PVDF, MCE, CA, GF and so on, in both sterile and non-sterile varieties, and with or without pre-filters. Options include different diameters, membrane types, and sterile filters in blister packs for different applications.