Diversity of Syringe Filter

Currently, syringe filter is designed for sterilizing and clarifying, and suitable for both medical and laboratory applications. Syringe filter offered by Hawach Scientific is manufactured in a controlled environment with an automated process, which ensures the quality and use value of the product to the maximum extent.

Besides, precisely designed structure ensures the fluency of the filtration. Reasonable inner space minimize the hold-up volume, so that the waste is minimized. Housing material is medical grade polypropylene, which makes it provides with excellent compatibility with organic solvents and strong acids and bases.

Diversity of Syringe Filter

Syringe filter provided by Hawach Scientific mainly falls into three types: disposable syringe filter, syringe filter, and sterile syringe filter. All of them are suitable for use with a wide range of applications from filtering of biological samples to clarify aggressive solvents, strong acids, alcohols, based and aromatics.

Additionally, all of them are characterized in precision structure, smooth filtration, reasonable inside space, and low residue rate. In practical application, all of them could bear high temperature, and will not have leakage at all.