FILTSTAR Syringe Filter Lead a Better Customer Feedback

The FILTSTAR series syringe filter is extremely low HPLC extractable and specially designed to support the filtration of viscous samples, hard-to-filter samples which with high solids content.

Medical PP housing with imported membrane filter media helps to guarantee the filter cleanness and all filter production in the clean room and packed after QC evaluation and inspection. Fully filter size and media for more users need to match other reputable and international brand filters. When the customer needs sterilization, we can offer both EO and Gamma sterilization.

The sterilized syringe filter packed individually in the clear blistered PP housing and easier for customer use also keeps fresh shelf life.

Hawach Scientific’s filter with good feedback on Filter media choice, cleanness of filter, pore size accuracy, and no leakage, nice operation pressure, excellent filtration efficiency with extremely low or no HPLC extractable.

Filter media Choice: Nylon, PTFE, hydrophilic PTFE, hydrophilic PVDF, MCE, CA, PP, GF, PES. Glass fiber and PP prefilter available for each filter media, there are two layers of the membrane in the filter which with prefilter. Such as GF+PTFE, PP+PTFE, GF+Hydrophilic PTFE, etc.

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