Frequently Used Syringe Filters

Syringe filters are quick, easy and reliable filtration tools routinely used in laboratories. It consists of upper shell, diaphragm, lower shell, plastic particle injection or direct welding. With beautiful and light shape and high cleanliness, it is generally used for chemical (e.g. liquid/gas chromatography) experiments. It is widely used in laboratories for sample pre-filtration, clarification and particle removal, liquid and gas sterilization filtration, as it does not require membrane change and filter cleaning, eliminating complicated and time-consuming preparation work. It is a reasonable method for filtering small amounts of samples, and is often used in conjunction with disposable syringes.

HAWACH syringe filters are made by double injection wrapping and ultrasonic welding; commonly used filter materials include Nylon, PVDF, PTFE, MCE, CA, GF, PP and PES. The pore size range is from 0.1μm to 5μm, and the filtration diameter is from 4mm to 30mm, and the processing volume is from 0.5ml to 200ml. It is widely used in HPLC, GC and other sample preparation and quality testing in industrial production laboratories.

General Applications

1. Removal of protein precipitates and dissolution assays
2. Beverage food assay analysis and biofuel analysis
3. Sample pre-treatment
4. Environmental monitoring and analysis
5. Pharmaceutical and prodrug liquid product analysis
6. Gas filtration and fluid detection
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Parameters of syringe filter

Filtration material Diameter(mm) Pore size(μm)
Nylon 13, 25, 33 0.22, 0.45
Mixed cellulose 13, 25, 33 0.22, 0.45
Polytetrafluoroethylene 13, 25, 33 0.22, 0.45
Polyethersulfone 13, 25, 33 0.22, 0.45
Polyvinylidene Fluoride 13, 25, 33 0.22, 0.45
Polypropylene 13, 25, 33 0.22, 0.45
Cellulose acetate 13, 25, 33 0.22, 0.45
Glass fiber 13, 25 0.7,1.0

8 types of frequently used syringe filters

HAWACH has made a summary of the 8 commonly used syringe filters based on the filter materials. Let’s check it out.

Name Description Features Application
 Nylon Nylon syringe filters are used in a wide variety of analytical processes. Hydrophilic nylon membranes are ideal for filtration of aqueous and organic solvents, such as sample preparation for HPLC and GC. The good physical properties of nylon can meet the needs of a variety of analytical needs under demanding test conditions. Resistance to strong alkalis and organic fluids. Naturally hydrophilic. No need for wetting prior to use. good mechanical strength with uniform pore size. Threaded interface design ① Liquid clarification and sterilization and particle filtration ②Filtration of photoresist in the electronics industry ③Filtration of various solvents and pharmaceutical solutions
CA CA syringe filters are suitable for filtering aqueous solutions. CA combines the characteristics of high flow rate, thermal stability and low absorption. In particular, the 0.22μm pore size acetate membrane is perfectly suited for filtration of aqueous solutions and other liquid materials. Relatively low protein adsorption ①Applicable to the filtration of low molecular alcohols, oils and fats solutions ②The analysis and determination of special components in scientific research
MCE MCE syringe filters feature high porosity and filtration speed and are particularly suitable for HPLC solvent filtration and sample preparation. For the2μm and 5μm filter membranes, they are also used for oil filtration High porosity, good retention effect; Not resistant to organic liquid and strong acid and alkali solution; High cost performance ① Filtration in experiment, small production process in the de-bacterization, de-granulation. ②Determination of coliform bacteria in water bodies.
PES PES syringe filters are designed for filtering in the laboratory of culture media, culture solutions, serum solutions, nutrient solutions, growth hormones, and other solutions that require special handling. High flux and low protein adsorption ①Pharmaceutical: biological and serum filtration, large infusion of antimicrobial and other terminal filtration ②Food: terminal filtration of beverages, wine, etc. ③Ultra-pure water terminal filtration
PP PP syringe filter is a natural hydrophobic filter media, with large flux capacity and large dirt holding capacity. Resistant to strong acids and alkalis and various organic solvents, natural hydrophobic filter media ①Pre-filtration for chemical laboratory analysis ②Can be used with other terminal filters ③For routine filtration of organic solvents with high particle content
GF GF syringe filter is a natural hydrophobic filter media. with a large flux and large dirt-holding capacity. It is suitable for conventional filtration of organic solvents such as high particle content, strong alkaline viscosity, etc. Fast flow rate and high temperature resistance ①Air pollution monitoring ②Filtration of biological macromolecular precipitates ③Pre-filtration before filter membrane
PVDF PVDF syringe filter has less protein binding than nitrocellulose, PTFE and other filter membranes. Wide applicability, good resistance to oxidation and heat. It’s suitable for HPLC, GC and other sample preparation and solvent filtration; Separation and purification of non-specific proteins; Concentration of aqueous solutions, separation and recovery of chemical substances Hydrophobic, non-hygroscopic, easy to constant weight. temperature resistance capable of repeated hot press disinfection. chemical corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Threaded interface design ①Remove particles and improve the level of reagents, such as alcohols, acids, alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons and other solvents ②Purification of suspended particles in the air and air sterilization in the fermentation industry ③Purification of insoluble matter in oil and weight analysis of solid particles
PTFE PTFE syringe filters are designed to filter chemically aggressive organic solvents aqueous solutions and gases, and can withstand most strong acid and alkaline solutions. Good chemical resistance, hydrophilic Hydrophobic membranes are available to meet different liquid filtration needs ①For the clarification and filtration of strong acid and alkali ②filtration of high temperature liquid and special chemical reagents ③Clarification and filtration of air or various gases

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