Hawach Syringe Filter Brief Introduction

Syringe filters are widely used in laboratories. The users do not need to change membranes and clean filters, which can save complex and time-consuming preparations. It is very convenient and easy to operate. They are mainly used in sample pre-filtration, clarification, degerming of particles, liquids & gases and so on. It is the preferred method for filtering small samples of HPLC and GC.

Hawach Scientific is specializing in filtration products for more than 15 years. Our syringe filters are made of extractable free medical grade virgin polypropylene housings, with standard inlet (Female Luer Lock) and outlet ( Male Luer) connections unless others stated. Options include different diameters, membrane types, sterile filters in blister packs for critical applications. The options of membrane types have Nylon, PTFE, PP, Active Carbon in both sterile and Non-sterile, and with or without pre-filter.

0.45 um disposable hydrophobic ptfe syringe filters0.22 ca sterile syringe filter for hplc

Hawach Scientific has two big series of syringe filter as FILTSTAR series and WINSTAR series. FILTSTAR series has full of specification with different diameter and different membrane. The high quality has earned a great reputation from most of clients; WINSTAR series is also loved deeply by some clients because of the favorable price with nice quality. Welcome to login our website: www.hawach.com to learn more.