Hawach Syringe Filter Classification

From the raw materials to the production process to the delivery management of the warehouse, there is a strict control process.

HAWACH guarantees the quality and use value of the products to the greatest extent. HAWACH filters are available in a variety of sizes and membrane options for easy use in sterile and non-sterile laboratory applications.

Whether your research requires pre-filtration, sample preparation, sterile filtration, laboratory filtration, or venting, the HAWACH syringe filter is a must-have for your laboratory.

HAWACH syringe filter classification

The following are mainly divided into three series according to HAWACH positioning:

1. Syringe Filter

This series belongs to high-end models, with transparent color and imported membrane. It can be divided into different kinds based on different focuses. There are pre-filter ones and also some have not. It can also be sterilized and non-sterile. Form the aspect of membrane materials, there are active carbon, nylon, PTFE, PTFE L, PES, PVDF, MCE, CA, GF and PP.

2. Disposable Syringe Filter

This series belongs to low-end models, with colored ring and domestic membrane. It can be only non-sterile and also there fewer choice for the membrane materials, nylon, PTFE, PTFE L, PES and PVDF.

3. Sterile Syringe Filter

This series belongs to high-end models, with transparent color, Millipore equivalent membrane, and fewest choice, nylon, PTFE B, PTFE L and PVDF.