High Quality of Hawach Syringe Filter

In HPLC analysis, the chromatographic column packing has a small particle size and is easily clogged with foreign particles. Therefore, samples and solvents need to be filtered in advance to remove particulate contaminants and protect the instrument.

The ion chromatography commonly used in environmental analysis also requires that no inorganic pollutants be introduced into the sample pretreatment. Syringe filter as an important tool for HPLC analysis and IC analysis. Filtering the sample solution is an important step in the sample pretreatment process.

1. Filter housing material is made of high quality sanitary polypropylene material.

2. The precise design of syringe filter structure ensures smooth filtration, rationalized internal space, and very low residual rate, which reduces sample waste.

3. The edge of the syringe filter is provided with threads to play a non-slip effect. The humanized design makes the operator handy.

4. Stable filter membrane quality and zero difference between batches, ensuring consistency of analysis results.

5.Clear specification markings, eliminating the confusion of confusion.

There are many product series, which is convenient for customers to choose the most suitable product. The diameter of the product ranges from 4mm, 13 mm, 25 mm, 33mm, 50mm, and the pore size is from 0.1 um to 10um. It can meet the filtration needs of different volume capacities and different filtration purposes. There are many types (8 materials) to meet the filtration needs of customers in different research fields. There are sterilized and non-sterilized products to facilitate the selection of aseptic experiments. There are pre-filters and non-pre-filters.

When we purchase the syringe filter, the product quality will be considered as the decisive sector. Generally, the seller or manufacturer would provide a certification and documents regarding the product specifications and testing report. And we can check the parameters to see if they meet our requirements. Here, we can offer you several main points from which you may know the product quality. There are 3 key words: extractability, consistency and operating pressure.

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The extractability means if there will be impurities dissolved out during the filtration process(especially for the impurities of same type). At this point, it turns out that our products have a good performance in the majority of experiments.

Firstly, our filter membrane, with high and pure quality, is imported from German/the United States/Japan. Secondly, the syringe housing is made of medical-grade PP, which has good compatibility with most of the laboratory solvents. Besides, our syringe filter is produced via ultrasonic welding technology in 10 W clean workshop without any impurities. Thus, our filters are suitable for most laboratory requirements


This is also a hot-spot that customer most concerned about. In fact, not only the filter, the filter paper, filter membrane, filter barrel issues are also critical. But no worries, the production of a filter must experience the testing of raw material, monitoring of production process, examining of finished product and other strict link to ensure the quality of the product.

Operating pressure

As for this point, the pressure may increase when we use incompatible filters. The larger the aperture is, the smaller the operating pressure will be. Proper aperture and diameter can avoid the problem of high operating pressure.

Convenient for customers to choose; international standardized import and export joints, which are compatible with most syringes.

And we can provide OEM service to our customer. If you want to do any request for syringe filter. We could design for you. And we could provide some different plans for your reference. And help you make the most suitable product. And if you have any question for our product. We are gonna do our best to solve your problem.

And Hawach is gonna be your best choice for syringe filter.If you any request about syringe filter don’t hesitate to contact us.