Highlights of HAWACH Syringe Filter


HAWACH syringe filter is used with syringes to filter chemical turbid solution samples, most commonly used in chemical HPLC-MS/GC-MS analysis of liquid and air dedusting, sterilization filtration, biological sample preparation, tissue culture media, microbial media, buffer solutions, etc. And impurities re-movement and so on.


As an end user, we will give priority to the following factors when using syringe filter. Firstly, please make sure the membrane material + diameter + aperture is consistent with the demand. Then, the extractability, quality consistence and operation pressure will decide the product quality.

2.1 Extractability

Whether there is impurity elution during the filtration process (especially the same type of impurities as the target to be analyzed by the customer). HAWACH syringe filters are not problematic in most experiments, as its filter is a high-purity quality membrane imported from Germany/USA/Japan.

The housing is medical grade PP material, which has good compatibility with most laboratory solvents; 10W Class clean workshop production, no impurities introduced; Ultrasonic welding technology, no impurities introduced. For most laboratory needs, its filters are applicable.

2.2 Quality Consistence

This is also the foreign customers care most. In fact, not only the stability problems of filters, the filter paper, filter membranes, filter cartridges, etc. are also critical.

HAWACH is proud of its product stability with the strict quality control of the factory, including the production of a filter, the detection of raw materials, the monitoring of production processes, and the inspection of finished products.

2.3 Operation Pressure

When the customer faces a lot of experiments every day, if every syringe filters he spends a lot of effort in operation, his hand may be scrapped on that day. HAWACH can provide suitable membrane, proper aperture and diameter which can avoid the problem of high operating pressure

3. Other advantages

a.There are different product series, which is convenient for customers to choose the most suitable products; its product diameter can be 4mm, 13mm, 25mm, 33mm or 50mm, and the hole diameter ranges from 0.1um to 10um, which meets different volumetric capacity and filtration requirements for different filtration purposes.

A wide variety (8 membrane materials) meets the filtration needs of customers in different research fields; sterilized and non-sterile products is convenient for sterile laboratory customers; with pre-filter and no pre-filter, it is for sample media; the international standardized in-and-out joints are consistent with most syringes.

b.OEM service