How to Choose the Appropriate Membrane Syringe Filter?

Membrane syringe filters are used to clarify small-volume sample solutions generally. The housing is well-designed to spread the sample solution over the entire surface of the membrane so that maximum membrane capacity is used. And the construction without any glue or binders helps us make sure that no extractables are present.

The scientists only need to attach the syringe filled with the sample solution to the housing and push the sample through the filters. Syringe filters are quite convenient in the lab.

When we select the membrane syringe filter, we shall consider the size of filter upon the volume of the sample that needs to be filtered, and choose the porosity of the filter based on the size of potential particulates that might be present in the sample as well.

The finer porosity always makes more pressure to take the sample pass through the filter. The type of membrane also should be considered depending on what kind of solvent you want to filter.

Hawach offers different membrane syringe filters, such as PP, PTFE nylon, PVDF, PES, CA, glass fiber, etc.

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