How to Choose the Right Syringe Filters

As single-use, membrane-based tools widely used in the lab, syringe filter are perfect for removing particulate impurities from small liquid and gas samples. Considered for different application, disposable syringe filters are well known because of its fast and efficient filtering, material purifying ,and sterilizing. And it is the best choice for filtering HPLC and GC small quantities.

Hawach have three series of syringe filter: Winstar series syringe filters, Filtster series syringe filters and Sterile series syringe filters. You can select either a sterile or non-sterile filter to remove particulates from a liquid sample depending on the aim of the application. 

Filtstar Series PP Syringe FiltersWinstar Series Hydrophobic PVDF Syringe FiltersSterile Cellulose Acetate Syringe Filters

With clear color and ultrasonic welding, Hawach Filtstar series of advanced syringe filters are introduced in many media materials and sizes. Designed with the color code, Hawach Winstar syringe filters are adopted with standard female Luer lock and male roller accessories. And Hawach Sterile syringe filters are available in wide variety of filter membrane materials, include  PTFE, PP, PVDF, Nylon, PES, MCE, CA and glass fiber.

When you get the right kind of Hawach syringe filter, you can draw your sample into the syringe and attach the filter to the syringe end. After that, you can push a few drops through the filter as while as you hold the syringe with the filter pointing up. The third step is to place the filter tip over the container, apply positive pressure and push the sample through the syringe filter gently.