Hydrophobic PVDF Syringe Filters Is Ideal Tool for Busy Labs

For preparing and sterilizing biological samples to remove impurities and micro-organisms, filter filtration is highly recommended in the modern labs. Hydrophobic PVDF filter is one of the useful tools for filter filtration, which can be attached to the end of a hydrophobic PVDF filter and remove particles from a sample prior to analysis easily. The circular shaped in diameters always fit the filter 0.22 um, as well as the cartridges can remove fragments that would damage narrow bore equipment.

For filtering liquids, when fluids are initially drawn or delivered into the filters, they can purify liquids for reproducible results with the single-use devices forcing liquids go through the filter.And the membranes made of polypropylene, nylon, and PTFE are perfect for sample preparation and chemical filtration in small volume.

0.22um hydrophobic pvdf syring filters

Outstanding for the durability, material quality and performance characteristics, Hawach filter 0.22 um always deliver accurate, measurable results with affordable cost. Offering high flow rates, loading capacities,variety of membrane types and pore sizes to match your needs, and also in sterile and non-sterile options, Hawach hydrophobic PVDF filter is ideal for busy labs by providing fast and perfect filtration in the fields of environment, biotechnology, agriculture and other applications.

Hydrophobic PVDF filter are widely used for convenient filtering small sample sizes through membranes in the labs all around the world. If you want to protect your expensive analytical columns and instruments, and achieve more reproducible analyses at the same time, hydrophobic PVDF filter is the best choice for the low cost and reliable filtration.

As we all know, it is very important to clean sample extracts in maintaining analytical instrumentation because particulates which are commonly found in extracts can damage instrument components with the result of spending money and time for repair. Chromatographic columns, detectors,injectors and small diameter tubing might be plugged by particulates easily too.

Even if they are not plugged, the slow accumulation of particles over time will influence the flow rate, which can reduce the reproducibility. Clean extracts will extend the life of chromatographic columns and replacement parts, particularly for HPLC systems as well. With ability of cleaning up samples and removing particulates, hydrophobic PVDF filter can solve the problem.

The Hawach hydrophobic PVDF filter can easily fit onto the end of the disposable syringe which contains the sample. And Hawach provides variety of syringe filters with different pore size and membrane which will meet you needs all the time.