Introduction And Selection Guide For Syringe Filters

Syringe filters are usually disposable. Normally, a sample corresponds to a filter head, because there is the possibility of cross-contamination when used many times. The material selection of the filter in the filter head is also the key to the correct use of the filter head.

Syringe filters do not need to change membranes and clean filters, which eliminates complex and time-consuming preparations, and are widely used in laboratories.

Guidelines for selection of Syringe filters and filter membranes

Selecting different kinds of filter membranes with different pore sizes to filter the mobile phase and samples can clarify and remove bacteria and impurities. It is of great significance for the protection of chromatographic system and chromatographic column.

Housing of syringe filter

High-pressure polypropylene (PP) has high-temperature resistance, no leakage, no need to change membranes and clean, and the preparation work of eliminating complicated and time-consuming is to filter small sample products of high-performance liquid chromatography and GC.

Selection of filter specifications

13 micron and 25 microns are commonly used, i.e. 13 microns is selected for a sample volume of 2-10 ml and 25 microns for a sample volume of 10-100 ml.