Introduction of Glass Fiber and Syringe Filter With GF Membrane

With the body that is made of pigment-free polypropylene, and the syringe filter certified for low levels of UV-absorbing extractables, Hawach syringe filters always offer you low-cost and reliable solutions for the needs of removing and clarifying the particles undergoing a 100% integrity test before leaving the factory.

As one of the large varieties of membranes for all applications, the HAWACH disposable GF syringe filters, which the filter media is GF are good tools in the field of medicine, drinking water purifying, and wastewater treatment.

With 0.22 and 0.45μm pore sizes provided, the unique design of Hawach GF Syringe Filters guarantees no leakage of particles to the downstream side of the membrane. Their Inlet female Luer-lock, outlet male Luer-slip, and the color-coded design will make the scientist feel easy to use.

Glass fibers

Glass fibers can be divided into glass wool, fixed-length fiber and continuous fiber, based on its shape and length; it can also be classified into non-alkali, medium to high alkali, alkali resistance and high strength, high elastic modulus glass fiber, etc, based on its glass composition.

Glass fibers can be divided into different levels according to their composition, properties and uses, such as the most frequently used E grade and special filber S grade, C grade for battery separators and chemical filters; Class A is alkaline glass fiber, which is used to produce reinforced materials.

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Syringe filter with GF membrane

As it does not require membrane replacement and filter cleaning, syringe filters are widely used in laboratories, which saves complicated and time-consuming preparations. Different types of syringe filters are equipped with corresponding types of membranes. Operators need to further check which type of sample is more suitable for filtering membranes. Today, HAWACH focues on the GF filter membrane.

Made of glass fiber, the GF filter membrane has the characteristics of high flow rate, strong dirt holding capacity, and can filter fine particles. As a kind of deep-layer filtration, the main purpose of the glass fiber filter membrane is taken as pre-filter layer. It can be added to the filter membrane directly, as as to prevent the membrane from clogging. What’s more, the glass fiber filter membrane features higher dirt holding capacity and higher filtration efficiency, compared with others. It shows its advantages when filtering difficult-to-filter substances or highly polluted solutions, as it has excellent retention capacity and reduces the cost of filtration, because of the large surface area.

Please note that the filters of different sizes have specific requirements for the diameter of the pre-filter membrane. The edge will extend under the sealing ring and cause leakage, if the diameter is too large. The multi-layer filtration is usually used, if the liquid to be filtered is too viscous and difficult to filter liquids, like the serum. 2-3 layers of filter membranes with different pore diameters are stacked. A polyester separator layer is added between the filter membranes to facilitate the liquid filtration. The uppermost layer is added glass fiber pre-filter membrane.

Technical indicators of glass fiber membrane

Specification: ø47mm (various sizes and specifications can be customized)
Thickness: 0.25mm±0.03mm (thickening type can be customized)
Temperature resistance: 600℃
Collection efficiency: 99.99% for particles> 0.3μm
Penetration rate: <0.01%