Learn About the Syringe Filter

As a single-use, membrane-based device, syringe filter is used for the removing particulate impurities from small (less than 100 mL) liquid samples in the lab. For different applications, the syringe filter are used in for fast and efficient filtration, material purification, and sterilization.

After you select the right syringe filter and syringe for your application, you ca. draw your sample into the syringe and attach the filter onto the syringe’s end. Don’t forget to make sure that you have correctly secured the filter into the syringe tip if you use a Luer-lock filter. Then, you hold the syringe with the filter pointing up and fill it up after pushing a few drops through the filter. Next step is placing the filter tip over the collection container and push the sample with positive pressure through a syringe filter gently.

If you desire to purge the syringe filter and get maximize sample throughput, you may remove the filter from the syringe, draw air into the syringe, then reattach the filter and push the plunger, forcing some of the air through the filter.