Material Source and Classification of Syringe Filter

Syringe filter manufactured by Hawach Scientific commonly adopts cellulose acetate membrane, polyethersulfone membrane, or glass fiber cellulose acetate membrane as filter material, which has good hydrophilicity and strong chemical compatibility. Moreover, syringe filter made from above materials are suitable for sterilization filtration of hydrophilic solution and liquid medium, and pre-filtration, clarification and sterilization filtration of refractory aqueous solution.

Common syringe filter and pre-filtered syringe filter

The common syringe filter adopts single layer microporous filter membrane, which can be used to filter general samples and is economical and applicable. Pre-filtered syringe filter uses pre-filter membrane to filter the coarse particle impurities in the air. In the process of production, transportation and use, it can protect the main filter material, prevent the main filter membrane damage and aging, improve the service life of the product, and enhance the filtration flow as well as filtration effect. When the needle filter comes out of the chromatographic sample, it is necessary to avoid the introduction of other impurities in the filtration process.

The F & H filter head can be used for pre clarification, particle removal, bacteria removal and filtration of mobile phase and sample in chromatographic analysis. It is also widely used in weight analysis, microanalysis, colloid separation and sterility test.

Nylon Syringe FiltersHydrophobic PVDF Syringe FiltersSterile Nylon Syringe Filters

Product series, characteristics and application: (specification: Ф 25mm, Ф 13mm).

1. Syringe filter of water system (PES, PES)

2. Syringe filter of water system water system (MEC, mixed cellulose ester)

Characteristics: uniform pore size, high porosity, no medium shedding, thin texture, small resistance, fast filtration speed, little adsorption. Main use: filter out bacteria, gas, oil, beverage, wine and other particles and bacteria, which can be used for particle and bacteria inspection.

3. Syringe filter of water system organic system (nylon)

Characteristics: hydrophilic, no need to wet in advance. The pore size is uniform and has strong flexibility and adsorption, which can ensure the effective retention capacity to meet the application requirements of fine filtration. The chemical compatibility is good, it can be compatible with most reagents, without fiber shedding, and it completely conforms to the pharmaceutical industry standards. Typical applications: electronic, microelectronic, semiconductor, industrial water filtration, high-purity chemical filtration, pharmaceutical liquid filtration, beverage filtration.

4. Syringe filter of water system organic system (PVDF)

Features: good heat resistance and chemical stability, complete coverage on both sides of the membrane, no fiber exposure, dense surface pore distribution, consistent pore size on the front and back sides, hydrophobic hesitation, can be used for various corrosive liquid sterilization, particle removal filtration, gas steam dehumidification, dust removal and bacteria removal filtration. Main application: ideal material for separation of downstream products of food industry, medical industry and bioengineering.

5. Syringe filter of water system organic system (polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE)

Features: chemical stability and inertness, suitable for strong corrosive organic solvents, strong acid and strong alkali solutions. Main uses: organic solvent sterilization and filtration, gas purification sterilization and filtration