Operation Manual Of Syringe Filter

Hawach Scientific Syringe filter is a rapid, reliable and convenient filtration tool commonly used in laboratory. It is of beautiful and light appearance and high cleanliness. It is mainly used for sample pre-filtration, clear removal of particles, liquid and gas and so on. Hawach syringe filter is the preferred method for filtering HPLC and GC small samples. In application, it does not need to change membrane and clean filter, which greatly saves complex and time-consuming preparation work.

Material of Syringe Filter

Hawach syringe filter is divided into three types, each type is made of different materials, but all of them are of high quality and strict manufacture process. The filter material includes nylon (Nylon), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), mixed cellulose (MCE), cellulose acetate (CA), glass fiber (Glass Fiber), polypropylene (PP), polyethersulfone (PES) and 100% Borosilicate glass.

Combined with ultrasonic welding and heat fusion technology, Hawach syringe filter provides with extremely low extractable levels, widest range of chemical compatibility, superior temperature, corrosion and pressure resistance, excellent light transmission, soft texture and easy processing structure.

Improvements of Syringe Filter

Hawach always spends great efforts to improve performance of syringe filter, thus the filter membrane is free of damage and defect, and the selected filter membrane meets the filtration requirements. The correctness of filter installation and operation in the process is given high priority, and satisfy the standards provided by the manufacturers.

Additionally, the sealing property of the filter perfect and there is no gap between the filter membrane and the filter. All syringe filter can stand 100% optical integrity test and CE double recognition.

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Experimental Matters Needing Attention

Syringe filter is widely used in laboratory to filter or removal particles in sample, and there are some notes to maintain good property. Different types of syringe filter are all of the corresponding micro-porous filter membrane, if the consumer needs to check which samples are more suitable for the filtration, please refers to the selection chart in instruction manual.

All newly-arrived filters should be cleaned with detergent, then sterilize with high temperature steam to avoid pollution. The poor filtration effect may be caused by the blockage in filter core gaps, washing or replacing new filter core is feasible.

Design Concept of Syringe Filter

Hawach design philosophy is that function and quality always stays first, there is no compromise in this point. Years of efforts and novelty make Hawach accumulated rich experience in production of syringe filter. For the filtration process, especially bactericidal filtration, Hawach adopts advanced integrity testing means to ensure the safety and reliability of filtration.

Avoid unnecessary waste of work, including time, energy, cost and so on. The standard mouth joint can be used in conjunction with the vast majority of syringes and needles. Larger membrane surface area increases the flow rate and reduces the operating pressure of the syringe, thus making it easier to filter with low retention volume and low dissolution volume.

Identification of Syringe Filter

In selection of syringe filter, some confusion often causes distress for consumers, for example, if the quality of the filter is not up to standard, the sample is only passed up and down from the filter, and the impurities are not completely intercepted by the filter membrane, especially if the membrane is damaged or inferior. But all these will not occur in Hawach syringe filter with the integrity and closeness of the filtering system.