Performance And Quality Commitments of Luer lock syringe filter

Syringe filters are suitable for water filtration in electronics, microelectronics, and semiconductor industries, as well as filtration of tissue culture media, liquid medicines, beverages, high-purity chemicals, water and organic solvent mobile phases.

There is no need to change the filter membrane and clean the filter, saving working time. It is mainly used in the filtration of mobile phase and samples in chromatographic analysis, pre-filtration of mobile phase and samples in chromatographic analysis, sample pre-filtration, clarification and removal of particles, and sterilization and filtration of liquids and gases.

Reliable Performance

The glass fiber Luer lock syringe filter is a natural hydrophobic filter medium, which has the characteristics of large flux and large amount of dirt, and is suitable for conventional filtration of organic solvents such as high particle content and strong alkalinity.

It can be used for chemical laboratory analysis of pre-filtration, can be matched with other terminal filters, especially for strong alkaline viscous solution filtration. It has the characteristics of natural hydrophobicity, high flux, high pollutant uptake, good mechanical strength and so on.

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Technical Support

Hawach constantly adopts advanced design concept and excellent product technology to guarantee the quality of product. Hawach uses glass fiber membrane as filter materials, and chooses polypropylene as shell materials.

Quality Commitments of Luer lock syringe filter

Hawach glass fiber Luer lock syringe filter is a fast, convenient and reliable filter tool used in laboratory. It is beautiful and light in appearance and high in cleanliness. It is mainly used for sample pre-filtration, clear removal of particles, liquids and gases. It is also a recommended method for filtering HPLC、GC small samples.

According to sterilization method can be divided into sterilization and non-sterilization.The regenerated cellulose membrane is the best choice for DMSO compatibility. The surfactant-free cellulose acetate membranes (SFCA) provide low protein binding. And it provides with natural hydrophilicity of nylon membrane and low extract. Meanwhile, PTFE film provides excellent chemical resistance and natural hydrophobic membrane for ventilation or filtration of gases. What’s more, it is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001、ISO 9002 standards.

Service Commitments of Luer lock syringe filter

It is available in quality guarantee period of 18 months, life free maintenance. During the warranty period, except for human factors, any defects or failures caused by improper instrument design, material or process are repaired or replaced free of charge. Hawach promises that response within 10 minutes after receiving user notification of failure of the instrument provided. And Hawach ensure timely provision of spare parts and breakable parts at favorable prices to customers.

The conventional aperture is 0.22(μm) and 0.45(μm), the maximum operating temperature is up to 180°C, and the suitable pH range is PH4-14. The filtration capacity of glass fiber syringe filter is faster than standard syringe filter, which can easily and quickly filter samples that are difficult to filter. It can be used alone or in conjunction with the final membrane filter to increase flow rate and handling capacity.