Performance Characteristics And Selection Of Syringe Filter

Syringe filter is a fast, convenient and reliable filter tool commonly used in laboratory. It has beautiful appearance, light weight and high cleanliness. It is mainly used for sample pre-filtration, clarification and sterilization of particles, liquids and gases. Syringe filter is a method for filtering small samples of high performance liquid chromatography and GC.

Generally, syringe filters are ready-to-use and do not need to be changed and cleaned. They can easily purify or sterilize various solutions, including cell and microbial media, reagents and additives, protein solutions and buffers.

Performance characteristics of Syringe filter
1. Beautiful and light appearance;
2. High cleanliness;
3. Various specifications and packaging;
4. Excellent economy and low cost;
5. Easy to use, precise and reliable.

Factors to be Considered in Choosing Syringe Filter
1. Quality: Since it's sterilization, we certainly hope that syringe filters can remove as many bacteria as possible without introducing other substances, such as bacterial endotoxins or chemical precipitates.
2. Filtration membrane: There are many kinds of filter membranes used in syringe filters. We should consider both chemical compatibility and filtration time when selecting them.