Performance Description Of Syringe filter

Filtration of Syringe Filter

Hawach syringe filter is mainly used for filtration of solvents and samples in chromatographic analysis, and has good effect on protecting chromatographic column, infusion pump system and injection valve from contamination. And it can be widely used in gravimetric analysis, microanalysis, colloid separation and aseptic testing.

Additionally, it has exquisite design, reliable quality, good chemical compatibility and high pressure tolerance; and it is the ideal choice for the pretreatment of HPLC and other chromatographic analysis samples.

Strict Manufacturing Process

Hawach syringe filter is produced under the strict control of the process standard, using the well-known brand of microporous membrane and shell plastic raw materials to ensure the stability and safety of product use.

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Structure Design

An innovative design allows the Hawach syringe filter to achieve a perfect level between an increase in effective filtration area and a decrease in sample retention volume, not only higher flow rate was obtained when used, but also higher sample recovery rate was obtained.

Increased Operating Pressure

Hawach adopts the unique patent reinforced secondary molding process, so that the filter can withstand higher operating pressure, to avoid leakage, in making more convenient and reliable when used.

Low Dissolution & High Chemical Compatibility

Hawach syringe filter is made of high-quality shell materials and filter membrane materials, with low dissolution and better chemical tolerance, which eliminates the need for user analysis in samples.

Color Logo

Hawach syringe filter with different membrane materials is equipped with different colors of plastic shell, thoughtful and user-friendly design to facilitate customer identification and applications.

Reliable Performance

Fabrication of Hawach syringe filter is carried out in a controlled environment and automatic process. In the assembly process, the operator's hands also never touch the filter. And a quality certificate contained in each box describes the quality standard in detail.

Low Impact on Filtration Result

In applications, using Hawach syringe filter can greatly minimizes the impact of the filter background on filtration results. The effect of low ions can avoid repeated tests.

Hawach syringe filters do not produce lysates that will affect ionization processes; the protective packaging design is more economical and effective to avoid contamination of downstream programs; the superior chemical tolerance can be used to filter various samples; the hydrophilic PTFE film can be applied to polar and general aqueous solutions, providing outstanding chemical compatibility when paired with the shell of vinyl; and the low protein adsorption ensures accurate and consistent results can be obtained.