Pre-Filtered Nylon Syringe Filters

Ordinary syringe filter

A single-layer microporous membrane can be used to filter general samples, which is economical and practical.

Pre-filtered syringe filter

Increase the pre-filtration membrane: the main filter membrane is soft and easy to break, and once it is damaged, it completely loses the filtration effect. The pre-filtration membrane is used to filter coarser particulate impurities in the air.

In the production, transportation and use, the main filter material can be well protected, and the main filter membrane can be prevented from being damaged and aged, thereby improving the service life and improving the filtration. Traffic and filtering effects.

Nylon syringe filters universal type

Features: wide chemical compatibility (avoiding strong acid); good flexibility; compatible with most reagents; low protein adsorption.

Applications: Water filtration in electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor industry; filtration of liquids, beverages, and high-purity chemicals.

Vacuum filter with pre-filter

● Excellent filtering and impurity removal effect
● High throughput to improve filtration efficiency
● Reasonable price, no increase in use cost

Prefilter adds a layer of pre-filtration membrane before the microporous membrane. The pre-filtration membrane acts to protect the microporous membrane. The pre-filtration membrane removes particulate impurities while preventing viscous impurities from clogging the filter.

The pre-filtration membrane is chemically inert and resistant to most solvents. The membrane's rigidity and large specific surface area structure have the characteristics of small retention capacity and low resistance, so the Prefilter filter can maintain high throughput even when processing difficult-to-filter samples.

Hawach Scientific pioneered the double safety manufacturing process of double injection molding edge and ultrasonic welding;The annual export volume is nearly 50 million, 90% of which are exported to major developed countries. Syringe filters can be customized to provide OEM services.Good consistency between batches of filters produced, from raw materials to the production process to the warehouse delivery management have strict control process, to ensure the product quality and use value to the greatest extent.


1.Removal of protein precipitates and determination of solubility

2.Beverage and food analysis and biofuel analysis

3.Sample pretreatment

4.Environmental monitoring and analysis

5.Analysis of pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical liquid products

6.Preparation of liquid phase gas chromatography samples and specific QC analysis

7.Gas filtration and fluid detection