Preparation Before Using The Syringe Filter

Hawach syringe filter is mainly used for the filtration of mobile phase and sample in chromatographic analysis, and has outstanding effect on the maintenance of chromatographic column, infusion pump pipe system and injection valve from pollution. It is widely used in the component analysis, microanalysis, colloid separation, and aseptic experiment. When it is used for the sample pretreatment of liquid chromatography, it can prevent the impurities in the sample from blocking the chromatographic column, maintain the pipeline system of the pump and the injection valve from being polluted, maintain the chromatographic system and so on.

Hawach truly understands the need for a great product, quick shipment, and friendly customer service to ensure that you and your laboratory run efficiently, who is able to provide one-time and/or recurring shipments and guarantee its products and service. Its syringe filters are manufactured under strict ISO9001 & ISO13485 guidelines.

There are many series, which is convenient for customers to choose the most suitable products; the syringe filters' diameter ranges from 4mm, 13mm, 25mm, 33mm, 50mm, and the hole diameter ranges from 0.1um to 10um, which meets different volumetric capacity and filtration requirements for different filtration purposes; A wide variety of membranes (8 materials), to meet the filtration needs of customers in different research fields; there are sterilized and non-sterile syringe filters with pre-filter and no pre-filter, convenient for sterile laboratory customers; international standardized import and export joints are consistent with most syringes.

Applied industries

Drug Development Companies
Nutraceutical QA Laboratories
Schools of Pharmacy
University Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology Departments
Cannabis Laboratories
Chemical Companies
Industrial Laboratories
Petrochemical Laboratories
Environmental Laboratories
Water Management Districts

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And how to complete the preparation before using the syringe filter?

After cleaning and sterilizing the filter element and shell, the experimenters start to install the syringe filter device. People should install the device strictly according to the instructions and tighten the bolt seal. After completing the installation of the syringe filter unit, the whole filter system must be completely washed with clean water. After that, the filtration operation can be carried out. The syringe filter can apply in laboratory water and organic phase solution filtration in education and commercial development, sample preparation of chromatography and mass spectrometry, analysis of ambient air, waste gas and water quality.

Being selected upon the your application, disposable syringe filters can be used for the fast and efficient filtration, material purification and sterilization by removing particulate impurities from small liquid samples.

You have choices of Hawach sterile or non-sterile filter upon the demand of your applications. Sterile syringe filters are for sterilize non-sterile solutions and clarify sterile solutions. When the general filtration or sample purification is needed, the non-sterile syringe filters are the good choices.

After you select the appropriate Hawach syringe filter and syringe for your application, you can draw your sample into the syringe, attaching the filter to the syringe end. when you use a leur lock filter, you have to make sure that you have secured the filter into the syringe tip in the right way. Then you can hold the syringe with the filter pointing up and push a few drops through the filter. After you place the filter tip over the collection container, it’s the time to push the sample through a syringe filter by applying gentle positive pressure.