Preparation Of Syringe Filter Before Use

1. After the filter element and shell have been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, the filter shall be installed. First, the filter element "O" ring is coated with clean water or clean filter liquid as lubricant, and then the filter element is carefully inserted vertically into the socket plate at the bottom of the filter, if the use of 226 interfaces, should be inserted into the interface double ears into the chassis, to filter "O" ring into the socket, clockwise rotation, so that the ears into the chassis hole slot. Install and tighten bolt seal.

2. After the filter is installed, the whole filter system must be thoroughly rinsed with clean water.

3. After the whole filtration system is cleaned, the filtration operation can be carried out.

Filtration and cleaning operations during production

1. Filtering operation

Open the exhaust valve, slowly open the inlet valve, and introduce the material to be filtered. When there is material flowing out of the outlet, immediately close the exhaust valve, and slowly open the outlet valve.

At the initial stage of filtration, because the filter element is still clean and the filtration speed is very fast, the pressure inside the filter is generally maintained at 0.05 ~ 1Mpa. Over time, the pressure in the device can be gradually increased to maintain the appropriate filtration rate. However, the large pressure in the filter shall not exceed the large operating pressure of allowed by the filter elements of different materials (please refer to the technical parameters of various filter elements).

When the pressure in the device is already high and the filtration rate is much slower, it is time to stop the filtration operation and clean the filter.

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2. Backwash the filter element

(1) For mineral water and water treatment in the fine filtration, recoil can be used first with clear water recoil, and then by the terminal filtration of clean water recoil clean, can be put into production.

For beer, drinks and other fermentation liquid and containing sugar liquid filtration, it is recommended to use the pretreatment of clean no oil compressed air back blowing, and then water recoil, and then after the final filtration of clean water recoil clean, can be put into production.

When the filter element has been used for a long time and the filtration speed still recovers less than ideal after recoil with the above method, the filter element can be removed and immersed in NaOH solution with a concentration of 2-4% for 4-8 hours. Then, clean water filtered by the terminal can be used to rinse the filter until there is no residual lye and then loaded into the filter for continued use.

For not three-shift system continuous production of the use of manufacturers, it is recommended that every shift before work, to wash the filter clean, so as not to waste long-term adhesion, bacteria cluster, affect the normal operation of the next shift.

When the filter element has been used for a long time, although with the above methods can not make the filter element filter capacity recovery, that should be replaced with a new filter element.

The leakage rate of the filter bag of the syringe filter is small, which can ensure the filtration accuracy accurately, and can replace the filter bag quickly, and the operation cost is low.The internal and external surface of the syringe filter is treated by mechanical sandblasting, which is even and easy to clean.syringe filters are also available on request in the form of a heating case, adjustable support legs or hooks to meet the needs of different customers.The syringe filter can help the production and the user to find the fault early, the filter quality of the product through the evaluation. 

The disposable syringe Filter is a necessary gadget for chromatographic sample processing. Its use can effectively avoid impurities. The material of filter membrane and the shell structure is very important.