Product Highlights And Core Technology Of Syringe Filter

End users would probably give priorities to the following incentives of the syringe filter. Hawach provided glass fiber syringe filter, nylon syringe filter, and PTFE syringe filter. etc for your choice.

The Coherence of MDA and Requirements

MDA here stands for material, diameter, and aperture. Usually, satisfying coherence is a basic requirement of customers so that suitable products can be well recommended according to this principle.

Product Quality

The chart below demonstrates details of relevant factors respectively.

Extractability Whether impurities can be dissolved during the filtration.
Stability This is extremely important not only for filtrum but also for filter paper, membrane, and cylinder.
Operating pressure End users care about this most especially considering daily massive experiments.

Other Merits

1. A wide range of product series
It has been easier for customers to choose the most appropriate product.
For the diameter of syringe filter, there are 4, 13,25, 33, 55mm.ect. Apertures are from 0.1um to 10um, which applies to different volume capacities and filtration demands. Various products made out of distinct membrane materials meets buyers from numerous fields. Additionally,sterilization or non-sterilization, with a pre-filter or not, imported or exported joints of international standard are separately designed for clients from sterile laboratories, charging sample medium and for most syringes.

2. OEM service