Property And Different Performance Of Syringe Filter

Syringe filter offered by Hawach Scientific provides with a fair and competitive price, it uses the latest manufacturing technology to ensure a high quality and maximum sample recovery. Besides, it is noted for its originality and exquisite appearance.

Compared with other syringe filters, it provides a longer sampling range and higher protein recovery. In addition, it features in better chemical compatibility, and greater pressure resistance.

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Different Performance of Syringe Filter

Cellulose Acetate syringe filter is characterized in clear color and ultrasonic welding, and it is easy identification with the printed description of filter pore size and filter material; disposable syringe filter is designed with color code, and it adopts standard female Luer lock and male roller accessories, and it had lower cost and price; sterile syringe filter are constructed with virgin polypropylene and produced from pigment-free polypropylene or polycarbonate.

Compared with disposable syringe filter, sterile syringe filter has wide selection of pore size, larger hold-up volume. In aspects of maximum operating pressure, disposable syringe filter is 6.2bar, advanced syringe filter and sterile syringe filter are both 5.2bar. Housing are all adopted PP materials.