Selection Of Syringe Filter Specifications

Syringe filter can be used in the analysis of HPLC and IC. It is an important step in sample pretreatment to filter sample solution. Syringe filter is the main component of pollution control of the syringe system. It is very important to know its classification and selection.

Guidelines for selection of syringe filters and filter membranes select different types and apertures of filter membranes to filter mobile phases and samples to clarify and remove bacteria and impurities. It is of great significance for the protection of the chromatographic system and chromatographic column.

Shell selection

High-pressure polypropylene (PP) has high temperature resistance, no leakage, no need to change membranes and clean, and saves complicated and time-consuming preparations. It is a small sample product for filtration of high-performance liquid chromatography and GC.

Selection of filter specifications

13 micron and 25 micron are commonly used, i.e. 13 microns is selected for sample volume of 2-10 ml and 25 microns for sample volume of 10-100 ml.

The design of syringe filter product structure is precise, which ensures the smooth filtration, rationalization of internal space and very low residual rate. It is widely used in drug analysis, food detection, environmental monitoring, protein removal and aseptic test.

Performance of Syringe Filter

Hawach syringe filter is available in many different pore sizes and with several hydrophilic or hydrophobic membrane materials. All materials are offered by the best names in the industry and the ISO9000 certified manufacturing is carried out to the highest standards, in certified clean room conditions.

And all the syringe filters are certified by HPLC Extractable Test. Large surface area supplies greater throughput and permits higher air flow rates than traditional syringe filter. Broad chemical resistance, reusable and autoclavable make it ideal for use in a large filtration area.

Filtstar Series PES Syringe FiltersWinstar Series Hydrophobic PTFE Syringe FiltersSterile PP Syringe Filters

Features of Syringe Filter

Syringe filter supplied by Hawach Scientific is an update on original design. In keeping with Hawach legacy on innovation, it has superior performance to prevent leakage of sample solvent and provides greater strength to the filter housing without bursting.

The permeability and the total amount of treatment are greatly improved by using glass fiber membrane as the pre-filtration of cellulose acetate membrane. Additionally, it provides with extensive chemical compatibility and laboratory flexibility.

Filstar and Winstar

Filstar has been producing and perfecting products since its establishment. As the core filter product of HAWACH, its quality can compete with international well-known brands, and also this series has a full range of products.

However, with the increasing number of domestic filter production plants, many factories produce low-end products. In order to adapt to the low-price competition, HAWACH has launched the Winstar series.

Compared to others, Winstar has fewer types of membranes, so does the apertures and diameter types. But they are all the most commonly used models in the laboratory. This series is more cost-effective.

Sterilization and non-sterilisation

Filstar series can be sterilized and non-sterile and Winstar is limited to be non-sterile. Here comes a question. What is the difference and application between sterilization and non-sterilisation? Non-sterilant is untreated and retains its original form after it has been produced.

It is mainly used in places where the filtration environment requirement is not too high. Sterilization means that the product has been treated. For the current products of HAWACH, it is processed by gamma ray, which is suitable for the environment with extremely high requirements with more biological experiment applications.