Some Basic Knowledge of the Syringe Filter

Syringe filter are used in HPLC analysis. It has a good effect on protecting the chromatographic column, infusion pump system and injection valve from contamination.

Advantages of syringe filters

1. Excellent shell material;
2. Precise structure;
3. Low residual rate;
4. Accurate filter film aperture.

Selection of syringe filters

When the sample size is less than 2ml, a miniature filter with a diameter of 4mm should be selected. The sample size was 2-10ml in diameter, and a filter with a diameter of 13mm was selected. When the sample size is larger than 10ml, a filter with a diameter of 25mm is selected.

The membrane of syringe filters

1. Nylon;
2. Mixed cellulose ester;
3. The PES.

Types of syringe filters

The positive pressure filter, made of stainless steel, is used by small pharmaceutical plants, food and beverage industry, factories and mines hospitals and laboratories for filtering liquid, clarification and sterilization.
Syringe filter serve different purposes and functions depending on the different filter media used.
The mediums of multi-medium filters are fine quartz sand, anthracite, iron sand, the function is to filter suspended matter, organic matter, microorganisms, reduce the turbidity of water and improve the cleanliness of the water.