Sterilization And Non-sterilization Of Syringe Filter

Here is the basic method of using a syringe filter that you should know before you use it. First, you need to load the sample into the syringe. You can attach the filter by twisting it carefully. If you can find a luer lock on the syringe, fix it firmly but not over-tighten.

The next step is to hold the syringe and the syringe filter vertically and make the membrane wet evenly, preventing air blocks and promotes high flow rates. Then you can press the syringe plunger very slowly and push sample through the filter.

You’d better discard the first 0.25-0.5ml of sample as it might be higher contamination in first few drops of the sample. If you feel the back pressure ever increasing heavily, it’s time to change another syringe filter because the filter might have plugged. The filter housing will burst if you try to keep pressing it.

With syringe filters, particles which you don’t need , and cause contamination and clogging of sensitive instrumentation, will be easily removed. By using the syringe filters. you will find more consistent and reliable results and less downtime of your equipment.

Due to too many options available and the many sample/analytical parameters need to be considered, it is a big challenge to find the appropriate syringe filter with high quality. If you use the wrong filter,you might get the unexpected wrong results, find the premature column blocking, or drive the instrument out of work sometimes.

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Appearance Attraction of Syringe Filter

Hawach syringe filter is beautiful, light and clean, it is the first choice for filtering HPLC、GC small sample. And it is composed of fixture and membrane, which can be reused by replacing microporous membrane and cleaning and sterilizing the fixture.

Sterilization and Non-sterilization Features of Syringe Filter

According to sterilization methods, Hawach syringe filter can be divided into sterilization and non-sterilization. Sterilizing syringe filter is a fast, convenient and reliable filter processing device for small volume samples commonly used in laboratory. It is mainly used for sterilizing and filtering of laboratory biological fluid, medium and media additives.

Sterilized syringe filter has nine membrane types: MCE、PVDF、PES 、PTFE、PP、Nylon、CA、Glass Fiber and Hydrophobic PTFE. Sterilized syringe filter provides with 5 diameter specifications optional: 4 mm, 13mm、 25mm、33mm and 50 mm.

And sterilized syringe filter also provides with gamma ray disinfection and sterilization, and causes no heat source. What’s more, it is easy to tear open type sticker single independent packaging; it has unique and easy to open outer box design, and it is not easy to pollute with easy-tracking procedures.