Syringe Filters For Industrial Technology And Laboratories

Syringe filter is suitable for the filtration of a small number of samples in the laboratory. The adsorbability of syringe filter to samples is weak, which ensures the large number of recovery of small or high-value samples. The outer shell of the filter is made of polypropylene and welded by ultrasonic wave.

The syringe filter will not be polluted because of no using adhesives by the technology. The syringe filter has not only stable quality and good reproducibility, but also the characteristics of good strength and wide range. It can usually be used in separating and purifying in liquid phases and gas phases. In the meantime, the syringe filter is widely used in medicine, biochemistry, microelectronics and environmental protection industries.

The syringe filter is not simply used in the industry technology, but also in the labs. It is mainly used in the filtration of mobile phase and sample in chromatographic analysis.

The syringe filter has equipped with economical and practical membrane-changing type and disposable type with convenient use. It saves working time because the one-time syringe filter does not need to change the filter membrane and clean the filter.