Syringe Filters Use Notes Before and After Experiment

Features and applications of syringe filter

The syringe filter does not require membrane replacement and filter cleaning, which is super convenient, so they are widely used in the inspection and analysis of food, beverage, pharmaceutical materials, products, semi-products, drug testing, medical research, life science research, microelectronics semiconductor, chemical industry, cement/mineral analysis and other industries. The housing material of the syringe filter is made of sanitary polypropylene material, and the product structure is finely designed to ensure the circulation of the filter. The internal space is rationalized, and the residual rate is very low, and then the waste of the sample is reduced.

HAWACH syringe filter

The HAWACH syringe filter is suitable for the filtration of a small amount of samples in the laboratory. It has low adsorption of samples, thus ensuring the recovery of a large amount of small or high-value samples. The polypropylene filter housing is welded by ultrasonic, without adhesion. So it will not contaminate the sample. The apertures have many different choices, 0.22, 0.45, 0.8um, so does the diameter: 13, 25, 30mm. Also, there are sterile and non-sterile packaging.

In HAWACH, there are different filter materials are available and details can be found in the following:

1. Glass fiber pre-filter membrane (GF): luer lock glass fiber filter membrane is used to improve the filtration rate and continuous filtration; glass fiber filter membrane belongs to deep filtration, and its main purpose is to be used as a pre-filter layer and directly added to the filter membrane for use.

Luer Lock Glass Fiber 0.45 Micron Syringe FiltersNylon Syringe FiltersSterile PES Syringe Filters

2. Nylon filter membrane (Polyamide, Nylon): The nylon filter membrane material is aliphatic nylon, which has good hydrophilicity and is resistant to acid and alkali of appropriate concentration. With excellent mechanical strength and strong adsorption, the Nylon membranes are used to filter alkaline solutions and organic solvent. Nylon filter membrane is not only suitable for aqueous solutions containing acid and alkali, but also suitable for organic solvents, such as alcohols, hydrocarbons, ethers, esters, ketones, benzene and benzene homologues, dimethylformamide, dimethylene Sulfone etc. Nylon filter membrane belongs to the terminal filter membrane

3. For the PP- thermal spray fiber flat film, due to the difference in the spatial arrangement of molecular chains, it can be classfied into isotactic and atactic polypropylene. PP filter membrane is able to withstand most chemical solvents and can be applied to impurities or particles removement.

4. PVDF filter membrane has excellent heat resistance and chemical stability, which is not corroded by strong oxidants, acids, halogens and alkalis at room temperature. Hydrophilic PVDF has low protein adsorption capacity and few precipitates. HAWACH syringe filters are widely used in sterilization filtration in biopharmaceuticals.

Different types of syringe filters have built-in corresponding types of microporous membranes. If users need to further check which type of sample is more suitable for the filtration of microporous membranes, please contact HAWACH team directly.

Use notes before and after experiement

Install the filter after the sheel and filter element are cleaned and sterilized completely. Taking the clean water or clean filtered liquid as a lubricant and apply it to the "O" ring, pierce the filter element straight into the socket plate. If the 226 interface is used, the interface should be doubled. The earplug is inserted into the chassis.

After the filter "O" ring enters the jack, tighten clockwise so that the ears are stuck into the chassis hole. After installation, tighten the bolt seal. After the experiment is over, the entire filter system must be completely flushed with clean water. After the entire filter system is flushed and cleaned, the filter operation can be carried out. If there are any questions about the use or maintance, contact HAWACH without hesitation.