The Characteristics and Application of Syringe Filter

Syringe filter can be used in the analysis of high performance liquid chromatography and IC. It is an important step in sample pretreatment to filter sample solution and remove impurities in the solution so as to prevent impurities from clogging the chromatographic column.

Disposable syringe filter is lab routine use of fast, convenient and reliable filtering tools, beautiful shape and lighter, high cleanliness, because they don't need to change the membrane and filter cleaning, eliminating the complex and time-consuming preparation, widely used in the laboratory, widely used in the samples, liquid and gas filter, clarification, in addition to the particles of aseptic filtration. It is the preferred method for filtering a small amount of HPLC and GC samples and is often used in combination with disposable syringes.The filtration diameter is 4mm ~ 50mm, and the processing capacity is 0.5ml ~ 200ml.

Hawach Scientific pioneered the double safety manufacturing process of double injection molding edge and ultrasonic welding; The annual export volume is nearly 50 million, 90% of which are exported to major developed countries. Syringe filters can be customized to provide OEM services.Good consistency between batches of filters produced, from raw materials to the production process to the warehouse delivery management have strict control process, to ensure the product quality and use value to the greatest extent.

In addition, use cellulose acetate syringe filter, PVDF syringe filters, and other syringe filter, it is a fast, convenient and reliable filter tool commonly used in the laboratory. It has beautiful appearance, light weight and high cleanliness.

Specific features of syringe filter

1. The structure of the filter housing is precise and the design is reasonable, which ensures the smooth filtration.
2. Using filter membrane, the flow rate is fast, the pressure resistance is stronger, and the damage is not easy.
3. The built-in filter membrane has uniform pore size, high porosity, high filtration accuracy and very low residual rate, which reduces the waste of samples.
4. The interface is more tightly connected and convenient to use.

Application of syringe filter

1.Removal of protein precipitates and determination of solubility
2.Beverage and food analysis and biofuel analysis
3.Sample pretreatment
4.Environmental monitoring and analysis
5.Analysis of pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical liquid products
6.Preparation of liquid phase gas chromatography samples and specific QC analysis
7.Gas filtration and fluid detection 8. Filtration of aqueous and organic phase solutions in Educational and Commercial R&D Laboratories;
9. Environmental air, waste gas and water quality analysis;
10. Detection and analysis of raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products of food, beverage and medicine;
11. Microelectronic semiconductor, chemical industry, cement/mineral analysis, etc.