The Characteristics Of Syringe Filter

In the analysis of HPLC, the packing size of chromatographic column is small, and it is easy to be blocked by impurity particles. Therefore, samples and solvents need to be pre-filtered to remove particulate pollutants and protect chromatographic columns and instruments. Ion chromatography, commonly used in environmental analysis, also requires that inorganic pollutants should not be introduced into sample pretreatment.

Characteristics of syringe filter products

(1) The sanitary grade polypropylene material is selected for the housing material of the syringe filter;

(2) The product structure design is precise, which ensures the fluency of filtration, rationalization of internal. space and very low residual rate, which is only half of other products in the current market, thus reducing the waste of samples;

(3) One of the shortcomings of the traditional syringe filter is that it is easy to blast. Today, after special design, it can bear up to 7 bar of blasting pressure;

(4) The consistency of the analysis results was ensured by the pore size of the filter membrane, the stable quality of the filter membrane and the zero difference between batches;

(5) Clear specifications at a glance avoid confusion.