The Cleanliness of Syringe Filter

What should we consider when it comes to purchasing syringe filters of high cleanliness?

When we talk about PP syringe filter cleanliness, we should consider particle contamination from filter, filter hardware, filter installation and the using process as each source may increase the particle load of the product and affect product quality. In addition to the particle concern, liquid filters may involve sources of other contamination, such as endotoxin, organic carbon or oxides. Possible sources include surfactants, wetting agents, additives in the production of plastic components, residue from the manufacturing process and structural materials.

How can the cleanliness of a filter be monitored and controlled?

Through the inspection of the filtrate, the MCE syringe filter manufacturing process can be well monitored, which is what we strictly perform for each batch of filters. The user of the filter needs to consider such an inspection test when they make their initial filter purchase, which can be a basis for evaluating the quality of the filter. Besides, pre-flushing syringe filters in daily operations can reduce the level of particles and pollutants and can be done as part of the vetting process prior to integrity testing.