The Definition of Syringe Filter

Syringe filter is a kind of disposal filter cartridge, which is attached at the end of injector for using. It is optional to use syringe needles, if it is possible, it could be installed in the end.

It is generally made of plastic shells and thin films which acts as filters.

Due to the cheap price, it could be applied in normal filtration especially when the filtered volume is small but the filter paper is large. The liquid which needs to be purified could be extracted from syringes and cleaned by filters. The unfiltered liquid could be squeezed out from filters for cleaning as well.

Syringe filter could also be used for gas filtration where bacteria is probable to be eliminated from the sample.

Moreover, disk filters are usually used for producing parenteral drugs and sterile eye drops in order to clean the microbial contamination.

The body of syringe filter could be made of polypropylene, nylon and so on, while thin films consist of PTFE, nylon or other materials which are treated specially.

Syringe filter could be used to remove particles from the sample before HPLC analysis.