The Material of Syringe Filter

Syringe filter can be used in the analysis of high performance liquid chromatography and IC. It is an important step in sample pretreatment to filter sample solution. The syringe filter with high quality is produced by using the most advanced detection means and production technology. The product quality is far superior to that of other domestic counterparts.

The use of PES surface filter membranes of world-renowned brands ensures the stability and safety of raw materials. PES (polyethersulfone) is a material with high throughput and low protein adsorption. It is used for rapid sterilization and filtration of medium, buffer and water solution.

Syringe filter is an inexpensive and effective method to improve the quality of HPLC analysis, so that the analysis results are stable and continuous, and the service life of chromatographic column is long. Specifically as follows:

1. It effectively increases the flow rate and filtration capacity, and improves filtration efficiency.

2. The strengthened secondary injection molding process can withstand higher operating pressure, improve filtration speed and make filtration easier.

3. ETO sterilization is more thorough.

4. It is safer and more reliable for biological experiments without pyrogen and RNA enzymes.

5. Each filter is packed separately for easy use.