The Operation Instruction Of Syringe Filter

The syringe filter is an important export product of Hawach. The product can effectively remove particles or other impurities from samples and protect your expensive instruments for rapid sample purification. The correct operation method of application is the premise to ensure the effective purification of samples.

●The scope of application

This manual is used for syringe filter.

●Structure and working principle

The structure of the syringe filter is a combination of the syringe connected to the front end of the syringe and filter with different kinds of materials. The liquid to be separated is purified by the filter membrane through the pressure of the syringe.

●Installation and usage instructions

Step 1: Prepare a clean syringe, pull out the piston and vacuum the liquid to be filtered;
Step 2: Install the syringe filter at the front of the syringe;
Step 3: Press the piston to remove excess air from the syringe until the piston is level with the liquid;
Step 4: Push the piston to allow the liquid to flow through the filter membrane into the prepared container.