The Solution To Clarify Your Solvent And Sample – Syringe Filter

We can always hear such a conversation between those researchers.
“Hey, buddy, what is your purity degree of the end products today?”
“Damn it. Such a low degree that I cannot even use for the next step. Any better methods for clarifying raw materials?”

Then there comes Hawach syringe filter, a gospel for those scientific workers.

Syringe filter use: Filter chemical turbid solution samples, most commonly used in chemical HPLC-MS/GC-MS analysis of liquid and gas dedusting, sterilization filtration, biological sample preparation, tissue culture media, microbial media, buffer solutions, etc. Remove impurities and so on.

Think about it, why should the solvent and sample be filtered?

Firstly, solvent and sample filtration are very important, it will protect the column and instrument, and eliminate the impact of pollution on the analysis results.
Secondly, the packing particles are very thin, the column lumen is small, and the small particles in the solvent and sample make the column and capillary easy.
Thirdly, solvents and fine particles in the sample increase clogging and wear of the injection valve and the sapphire piston rod in the pump head.