Tips for Selecting Syringe Filters

Attached to the end of a syringe, syringe filters are used as a filtering mechanism for many applications. They consist of a plastic housing on the outside; and membranes that act as a filter inside.

Cellulose filters are perfect for biological samples. Cellulose is hydrophilic which makes an excellent cutoff, low protein binding coefficients and excellent flow rates for biological samples

You need PTFE syringe filters with a broad chemical and thermal compatibility, if you filter acids, bases and strong chemicals.

The "stable" nylon filters are compatible with a variety of esters, alcohols and bases.

PVDF syringe filters are usually used with protein-based samples with a high non-specific bonding rate. If you work with microbiological or medicinal samples, syringe filters should be sterilized. You don’t need to clean them for other purposes.

ptfe syringe filters