To Know About Disposable Syringe Filters

To filter the small volume of liquids, gasses and other specific material, the disposable syringe filters are useful tools in the lab.

We have our disposable syringe filters available with filter membranes of the different materials, such as Nylon, PTFE, PES, PVDF, Hydrophilic PTFE, and Hydrophilic PVDF. You can identify them very easily with the smart color-coded design.

Designed for biological and HPLC applications, our disposable syringe filters are ideal for tissue culture media, buffer solution, stain solution, biological fluids and most other aqueous solutions and common reagents.

When you use a syringe for sterile filtering, please make sure that the package is intact and sterility before you open it, and avoid contaminating the filtrate outlet and any attached accessories.

To maintain the filtrate flow, the disposable syringe filter needs to be changed if the pressure is too high. And remember, never try to reuse or re-sterilize a disposable syringe filter for your next application.